Spring Fever

I’ve wanted to write for quite some time. I’ve had ideas about things I’ve wanted to say. But it was cold. I had no ambition to move out from under my covers to get the laptop.

Then I got sick. My head felt like it would explode at any minute and I would wheeze just climbing up the stairs. I had one day that I felt well, but by evening my throat was sore and I felt like crap. Fabulous. Another virus swept through me.

I didn’t workout because I preferred to breathe normally and not wheeze. I ate whatever made my throat feel better.

I didn’t care. I was in a funk. I think that considering how horrid this Winter was, it’s not too bad that I didn’t reach “funk-stage” until the last month of Winter. But, I didn’t like it either.

So, I got my haircut, which I really love even though I can’t do as much stuff with it like I used to.



As soon as I felt better, I began running and working out again. I ended up freezing at the Shamrock Shuffle run in the balmy 13 degree weather, but it felt great to do something.



It was the kick in the pants that I needed to get moving again. As much as I grumble enroute to the gym or outside for a run, once I get moving, I feel good. The soreness of my muscles is always a reminder of how out of shape I truly am.

I also found this awesome website, Skinny Taste, that has great recipes which are healthy but also categorized neatly. Categorization is key! Dave’s made some scallops and salmon from the website and they are great. I love that it includes nutrition information and, if you are on weight watchers, it includes the points.

Finally, Spring is starting. The weather is getting warmer. As much as I love Spring. I hate the teasing. The 40-50 degree weather that lasts a day or 2, mixed with a snow fall or 10 degree weather. I hate being teased like that. I just want to feel warm sun on my face and to smell the new growth of leaves and grass. Just writing this makes my mind wander to the birds I heard chirping this week and the bright sunlight that was shining on my face. I can’t wait to open up the windows and feel a warm breeze touch my skin.

Have I mentioned how much I love Spring???

On the first day of Spring, Madelyn had a half day of school. It was a perfectly warm 45 degrees outside (it seems strange to even think that 45 degrees feel warm), so we decided to head to the zoo after lunch. We had such a great time. Even the bears were waking from their hibernation. On a side note, did you know that bears given birth during their hibernation? Odd, huh? Anyhow, we just had a blast seeing so many animals outside and enjoying a beautiful day. There were hardly any people there so we were able to linger around the fences and glass instead of being rushed because other kids wanted to get close too.




The next day was beautiful as well. Dave took the kids out on their bikes while I tried to nap before work. They were so excited to get outside and not freeze to death anymore.

Now, we’re back to cold 20 degree weather. I don’t even bother with gloves and hats anymore. It just doesn’t seem as cold to me. I guess I’ve gotten too used to the below zero temps we’ve had most of this Winter (or so it seemed). This weekend it should get up to 60! I CANNOT wait.

I hope everyone has a great week as we all wait in anticipation of warmer weather:)