Preschool- Take 1

This is Asher’s final week of preschool for the year. It’s not really fair that I say that he’s done because he just started in February, once he turned 3, and he plans on returning to preschool in the Fall for another round of it. It was great that they took him in early, not only because he still needed a little bit of help in his speech and language development, but because we wanted him to be around other kids his age.

I didn’t expect him to do as well as he did. I expected him to be fearful and timid, but he amazed us all. He looks forward to each day of school and says how he can’t wait to play with his friends.

Last week, we received his progress report and except for a few things (difficult time with square and rectangle; making a stick person with correct arm and leg placement), he’s right in line with all of the other kids who are moving onto 4K. I’m so proud of him:) But, even if he didn’t know all of those things, I’d still be proud. Even though it’s exhausting at times, I love that he can chat up a storm. He gets easily distracted, though and I’ll hear:


“Yes, Asher”. {Ohhhh a rock on the ground.}

“Ummm mama”.

“Yes, Asher”.

“Can I have a….”. {Leaf falls on the ground}

You get the drift. Easily distracted. That’s my boy.

Today, Asher had his preschool program. My sweet little boy, wearing his favorite shirt. Hair done in a mohawk, which he refused outright, but he looked too darn cute. I had to do it without him knowing.


He did such a great job during the program. He sang songs, even did some sign language, threw around a scarf and twirled around.

IMG_3434 IMG_3438


He would wave to me from time to time and mouth/ whisper “hi mom” frequently during the show. It was a great time!

IMG_3441 IMG_3447

Then, this happened….

Doesn’t he have the cutest wink???? And did you catch the “hi mom” that he mouthed at the end? He did that after every song he sang. Adorable!

Another favorite…

If you can’t understand what he said, this is it: “favorite color blue…. like the ocean”. Ahhhh, melt my heart.

I have a few more videos, but these are the best. I’m just BEAMING with pride for this little munchkin.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these as much as I have. Well, lets be honest, I probably love them more:) Next week will be Madelyn’s kindergarten graduation. I plan on bringing tissues along with my camera. So, get ready to watch a few more.

Have a great week!