Shhhhhh…. Hear That? It’s Called Silence

That’s what Dave and I heard when we walked into our house after we dropped off Asher on his first day of preschool. Bizarre. It was strange to listen to. We’ve only rarely heard that sound weave it’s way through our house.

A part of me was worried that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep after my night shift without the dulled sounds of Asher’s voice downstairs. But I had no trouble.

2 days a week now, for 2 hours each day we will get to relish in this sound. Dave and I can have breakfast at the cafe down the street…. Alone.

We can grab a coffee and take a long walk… Alone.

We can go for a run together… Alone.

We can go grocery shopping and clean…. Alone.

The best part… We can have 2 hours worth of uninterrupted conversation during day light hours!!!!!

Yes, we are excited for this new found freedom. But, so is Asher. I came home from work to see him ready and waiting to go to school an hour early. His backpack was on and he was super excited. His excitement is contagious.


Once it was time to leave, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried for him. Would he cry when we dropped him off? Would he cling to my leg and beg me to stay like I’ve seen Madelyn’s preschool classmates do? This was so new to him.


He said he was ready. Ready to make new friends. Meet his teachers. Play and learn. He promised he’d be a good listener. I wasn’t so sure. He’s such a boy. And he’s so little. He’s only just turned 3. He’ll be the youngest. But I couldn’t deny him this. He needs this. We need this, too.

Off he goes….


He clung to my leg and asked me to stay once. He was nervous. I saw it in his big eyes. So many kids. He would only be the 3rd boy in class. It was a little hard to walk away. But he didn’t turn around to look at us. He continued to play in the kitchen as we left feeling that we left another piece of our hearts behind.