It’s peanut butter jelly time

After a five hour peanut food challenge, which involved Asher eating 8 different sized portions of peanut butter, he passed with flying colors! At first, it took him a few minutes to even want to try a bite of cracker with peanut butter. But, before I knew it, he was licking it out of the little cups.

He LOVES peanut butter. But after being stuck in an office for 5 hours, he was getting pretty cranky. That’s ok, though. He was a trooper. He would wait patiently for each dose of peanut butter, nodding emphatically when the fellow asked if he would like some more. My little man.

So why is Asher fine and Madelyn is allergic? Who knows. Throughout both of my pregnancies, I ate as much peanut butter as I wanted (which was quite a bit). But once the kids were born, things changed. While I nursed Madelyn, I continued to eat as much PB as I wanted. But, with Asher I was told to avoid it since recent studies were inconclusive about the peanut protein passed on in breastmilk and how it changes the infants immunity. Well, I did my best to avoid it. In the 8 months that I nursed him I could count on 1 hand how many times I had peanuts of any kind. Maybe that had something to do with it. I don’t know. But I should say that I have an egg allergy, which I found out is very closely related to peanut (the proteins are similar). So, my kids had a higher chance of developing one anyway.

But with this new found freedom that we have, come new fears. Madelyn is still allergic to peanuts and Asher is obviously too young to understand. All he wants to do is share with his sister. My big concern is the pacifier game that they have where Madelyn puts his pacifier in her mouth and tries to play keep away. Or sharing cups. Or silverware. The risk of Madelyn being accidentally exposed to peanuts is much higher now. But Madelyn is so happy for Asher. She’s such a sweet girl.  She’s not focusing on her not being able to have peanuts, but she is happy for her little brother.

But lets not forget Madelyn had a big day too! Her 1st day of 4K. I wasn’t able to take her or pick her up, but her face lights up with every detail that she shares with me. She’s in love with school. Her teachers. Her new friend, Sophia. I’m thrilled for her and I can’t wait to see what she learns this year.

And the new adventures have already started….