Running High

I was one of over 10,000 people who ran Crazy Legs this year. For me, it was the first time I ran an 8K race and in Crazy Legs. I wish I had a picture of the masses of people that were running. But this is the best that I could find. Can you even imagine running with 10,000 people? Ironically, since they released us in waves, the person who won 1st place, could’ve ran the race 2 times before I even started running with my wave. 




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Running in an event of some sort is never a race for me. I know that I am not in the top 50% of runners, let alone the top 3 finishers in an age or gender group. I’m just not there yet and I honestly don’t think that will ever be my goal. I just want to finish the run and if I end up running at a faster pace each time, great. Getting a better pace allows me to gauge how well I’m doing in my fitness goals, but that isn’t why I run these races. I run them for the high I get when I’m amongst so many other runners. I run them along with friends so that they can push me and I can push them toward their goals. I do it because I know I my legs can take me farther than my head tells me.


If you’ve never run in any running event/race, I highly suggest that you do. Even if you are in the walking group. Or even just to be there cheering on the runners. I have to say how unbelievably inspiring it is to see so many people running for a common goal. Yes, we are all wanting to finish the race for various reasons; for ourselves, our health, the memory of someone, or for a disease. But we are all running together, cheering each other on when we can see someone is struggling. Doing whatever it takes to get across that finish line. Big or small, fast or slow. We do it together. 

Throughout the entire 5 mile run, I can honestly say that I had a smile plastered on my face. I was smiling because of the many people who wore inspiring shirts. For the people who were on the sidelines with their cowbells. For the kids who were running beside their parent. For the little ones who were waiting on the sidelines saying “great job” to every one that went past them. For the people who had outstretched arms to high five the passing runners. For the people who turned their front yards into a party with loud music and megaphones cheering and pushing everyone forward one more step. For my friends who were running the race.

I. Loved. it. all. 


I can’t wait to do another run