Hallway Remodel

May was a busy month for us. Not only did we remodel our bedroom, but we also began tackling the hallway upstairs and eventually the dining room. Granted, we just put the finishing touches on them both a couple of weeks ago.

Our hallway basically, sucked. I HATED the color. Truly, hated it. It was this gross tan that reminded me of what I clean up out of my children’s diapers for years. It just looked like crap, literally. I don’t know why anyone chose this color. For the record, we had every intention of changing it shortly after we moved into this house 8 years ago. But then when you look at how high the bottom step is from the ceiling, you realize that you’d probably have to hire out and that just sounds expensive. So…. it sat. For 8 grueling years I stared at this hideous color.

100_6480 100_6479

And look at that ceiling fan!!! The wood floors look nice though:)

Clearly, this would have to change and my husband was thrilled when I mentioned it.

It took 3 gallons of Behr Ultra Frosted Lemon to tame this hallway and after 2 gallons into the project, it got dark out and the lights got turned on. Let just say that lemon meringue pie came into mind. The semi-gloss base probably wasn’t the wisest, but we do have 2 children who are constantly running up and down stairs with dirty fingers. And quite frankly, I wasn’t going to start repainting it. Not when the end was in sight!!!!

IMG_2766          IMG_2769

I wanted to get a brown shade to tone down the yellow, but I wasn’t able to find one that I liked. So, I went with the white 2 inch wide faux wood blind from Better Homes and Gardens and I hoped the curtains would help with the brightness.

These 3 pictures were a set that I found at Target for $60, and the brown definitely helps bring down the yellow.


Last, but not least, this is the chandelier that I found to replace the fan, since the electrical box was too small for the one that we bought. I thought I would hate not having a fan cool down the hallway or bring up the heat, but I think this looks better.


Throughout all of these remodeling projects, we have learned so much. Every step of the way has been a learning process for us and I’m glad that we are doing this on our own.

I’ll post about our dining room remodel soon. We finished that one up a few weeks ago, but the bulk of it was done back in the end of May/beginning of June.

Master Bedroom Remodel

Back in the middle of May, after our bathroom remodel, we regrouped and began the master bedroom when I had a bunch of days off in a row. It’s been a few years since we’ve repainted the room and I really wanted the room to have a more relaxed and intimate feel. The previous color on the wall was  more of a light bluish purple and I wanted to darken it up a little, or at least switch up the hue.

Here is a little dated “before” picture. The only difference is that we had a different bedspread and the desk is different.

100_6475 100_6476 100_6478

As you can see, it doesn’t have any relaxing feelings. It is too bright, for one thing, and since I work night shifts, this is a hard room to fall asleep in. My plan was to alter the paint color, put in new carpet, and change out the blinds, curtains, and bedspreads.

This project wasn’t nearly as time consuming as our bathroom remodel, but it was super hot out and even with the air conditioning on, I was roasting when I was laying down the carpet. So, I’ll name the carpet laying down process, the worst part. Mainly, because I HATE the feeling of carpet on my hands. Don’t ask me why, it’s just this gross aversion I have to it. My skin instantly crawls just thinking about it. Ok… moving on. I need to get these heebie jeebies out.

And the after…

IMG_2772 IMG_2780

We decided on using an attached pad carpet and went for one that had the thickest pad on it. Since we were doing this ourselves, we didn’t want to have to purchase a lot of more tools to lay down the carpet. Also, we used an attached pad carpet on the kids room and it seems to be holding up well. There’s a great tutorial on the Menard’s website on how to install an attached pad carpet, too.

The paint that we used on the wall is Dutch Boy Nantucket Mist. I wanted to continue with this brown/gray palette, so we went to Ikea and found  some small lamps and shades, along with the metal flower bowl and wooden balls and hearts


The bedspread we bought from Kohl’s and when I went back a few weeks ago to get another sheet set, they were 60% off! Bonus! It’s the Apt 9 Twist Bedding Collection in Gray. I can’t find anymore in gray online, but they have a lot of other colors available that are just as soothing. (and I know, we still need a headboard. I just can’t seem to find one that won’t over power this room)


The roller shades that I bought were on clearance at ShopKo for around $15 each , which was awesome for me! Also, they block a lot of light out, so on those super sunny days when I have to sleep during the day, I can make it really dark in the room. I decided to keep the sheer white curtains because the shades are so dark, and this would tone them down a bit. 


We needed a new picture for above the bed since I am avoiding putting up any family pictures anywhere so that we can sell our house. Or at least that’s what I keep reading about so any family can envision their family in this house and not mine. But, I loved this print that I saw at Target a long time ago and I haven’t been able to find it in their store or online, especially since I didn’t know what it was called. Dave came to the rescue when he was looking online for a different picture to put there instead and he came across it. Perfect!


Last, but not least, we ended up changing out the ceiling fan. We originally bought this one for the hallway and it would have been too much electrical work for us since the electrical box was much smaller and we would have to switch it out and cut out drywall, etc. So, we moved it into our room and I must say, it really ties the room together!


That’s our bedroom remodel. It definitely feels like a more intimate and relaxing place, even if the kids are jumping on the bed:)