Yet Another New Year’s Resolution

I have deeply longed for this day. January 1st, 2014. I needed a new year. A new year that allows me to forget that 2013 ever happened. But at the same time, I can’t forget it. I don’t know if I truly want to forget it all. I just want to change parts of it. I’d love to start it over. I’d do things different. Say things more. But I can’t go back in time. 

Instead I’m embracing this new start. A new year full of possibilities and opportunities. A new year to not make the same mistakes. To better my life, my children’s lives. Hence, some resolutions. Not many, just a few really important ones.

Yes, I want to workout more and eat healthier, blah, blah, blah. More importantly, I want to live with no regrets. This year, I want to tell people how I feel about them. I don’t want to assume that they know how much I care. They need to hear it from me. I want to tell people how much I appreciated their support and words of encouragement. The many shoulder’s I cried on last year have not been forgotten. These people have impacted my life so much and I won’t ever forget it.  

I want to spend quality time with my kids.  As much as I’d love to stay home with my family every day, I can’t. I have to go to work and support our household, which is fine by me. But, what I want to change this year is that I want the time I spend with to be special. This means the tv’s get turned off more often, the phones gets put away. We turn on music and dance in our tiny house in crazy clothes because why not? We do more silly things, because that’s what I would want to remember in my childhood.

These are my 2014 resolutions. This is how I want to change my life and in its wake, I hope to impact other’s lives as well.

I hope you all have a fabulous 2014.