Yes, I’ve Slacked

I haven’t slacked in all areas of my life. Just one, or 2… or 3. Ok, why don’t I just not put a number on it, but i’ll just leave it as a few areas of my life. However, this post is about my lack of exercise lately.

I was doing so well up until the second week of May, when we started our kitchen remodel. I was about 7 weeks into a new strength training program, New Rules of Lifting for Women by Lou Schuler, or NROLW. I was doing similar hamstring exercises so I opted to not do my knee exercises that I was supposed to be doing to prevent a knee injury (probably not a good idea).  I was feeling so strong after just a few weeks into it and I noticed such an improvement from week 1 to week 7. My goal was to workout 3-4 days per week, so I would go to the gym at work after my night shifts and I would try to throw a run in on my days off. I was exhausted, but I felt healthier. 

Then the other shoe dropped and the kitchen remodel started. This kitchen has consumed our days and nights since Mother’s Day weekend. It has been difficult, especially when there are 2 children vying for anyone’s attention while we’re trying to hang cabinet doors, or grouting the backslash, or the numerous other things that we have had to do in there. I’d love to say that we are done, but we’re not. We needed a few days off. My grandma’s funeral over the weekend made me realize that we have time for the kitchen but these moments will go away. The weather has been beautiful and we all needed some time outside splashing around, or hanging out with friends and family.  Soon, we will be done and then I’ll have quite the post to show our transformation!

The past week, I have been running again and I’ve been able to get back up to a good time for me.


Then I went for a run with my friend Sara. She’s significantly faster than me; around 3min/mi faster than me. It was a good challenge for me since we were running around 8-8:30min/mi, but I’m feeling it today. I tried to go for a run today and pathetic is a word that describes it best.


My knee hurts again, but I blame myself. I was the one who stopped doing my knee exercises. If anything, I should’ve just done those when I didn’t have time to get a good workout in. Now I’m hurting and out of shape. Such a bad combo.

I’ve decided that I need to get back to doing my knee workouts 4-5 days per week in order to strengthen the muscles around my knee. I’m hoping to get back to my NROLW though in another month or so when the new gym by our house opens. It’s a great book with lots of great information about weight lifting and nutrition in general and if you haven’t read it or heard about it, check it out. 

Also, if anyone is on Runtastic, let me know. Sometimes it helps to see others working out because then it can help push you along.  At least, I know it helps me:)