Kindergarten Tears

Nope, they weren’t Madelyn’s tears that were shed yesterday during her kindergarten graduation. They were mine. They were tears of pride. Saddness. Joy. Love. Tears of how are you growing up so fast. But, it was still wonderful.


It wasn’t that long ago that we were walking to our first day of Kindergarten. I was nervous for her and eager to hear of her days events. I still am. Every. Single. Day. I want to know what she did, who she played with, what she learned and what her best part of the day was. She’s grown so much and not just in height. Her penmanship, coloring, and reading has vastly improved. I am so amazed at how much she has learned, not only because she is such an eager learner at school, but because she has continued to seek out knowledge at home, whether it is through borrowing non-fiction books from the library or watching Beakman’s World on Netflix. But, she has also grown in her maturity. She’s only 6, but I swear she seems older some days (and some days not!). I can have conversations with her now that I couldn’t 8 months ago. She’s made friends with just about everyone and when a new girl started in her class, she immediately went to play with her. But, she also had a couple of times when girls weren’t always nice to her and that broke my heart. I was angry with those girls and couldn’t understand why her friend said that she didn’t want to be her friend right now. I hated seeing her cry that week. By the next week, she moved on and hung out with different friends on the playground and eventually her other friend came back to her. But, I was honestly amazed at how much cattiness there is with girls in kindergarten. However, I can’t hide her from it and I am glad that she picked herself up and still loved going to school everyday.

IMG_3476 IMG_3480



She reminds me so much of myself. So much so, that during graduation the teacher’s picked out 3 people in each kindergarten class that always raises their hands and wants to answer the question. I knew it would be Madelyn because that’s how I was. I could imagine┬áher in class raising her hand as high as it can go, adding a little bit of a finger wiggle just to make sure that the teacher would see her hand :). Sure enough, Mrs. Paar went straight for her.


She was so shy and embarrassed to be picked. The gym was packed so I don’t blame her. I was lucky to snap this picture of her in front of her class. After a few songs they sang about growing up:

which made me tear up (shocking), it was time for her diploma!

IMG_3494 IMG_3495

She pretty much raced across the stage and back to her spot on the floor. Not once pausing for a picture. My sweet little lamb:)

After finding her outside, we attempted a family picture with our graduate. Asher agreed to at least turn around and smile if he got a cookie and juice once the picture was over. It kind of worked.

IMG_3499 IMG_3503

{Picture with 2 out of 3 grandmas}


{Madelyn’s wonderful teacher (middle) and teaching assistants}


As much as we try and keep some of the kids’ artwork, etc, it’s overwhelming! I could fill up a storage unit with all of the art and stories that Madelyn has made or brought home in her short 6 years of life. So, we really appreciated the collection of drawings, stories, and examples of her growth in the books that Mrs. Paar sent home with Madelyn after her graduation. I look forward to showing Madelyn when she gets older.


She still has one more week left of school, but it will be mostly all really fun days. I asked Madelyn, with a lump in my throat, how it feels to be a first grader after next week. She replied, “Mom, I won’t be a first grader until after the summer”. ┬áTechnicalities.