Real Family Pictures

Family pictures. It sounds like such an easy process. Everyone stands in a particular spot, smiles and the camera captures the essence of that family. At least, thats what you end up seeing after the editing is complete and pictures are sent out on cards, put in a frame to hang on a wall or posted online for all to see and comment on.

We’ve been wanting to get family pictures taken for months now, but we couldn’t find the time to get it done. As the leaves continued to change colors and fall to the ground, we decided to grab our camera and tripod and head to a park with the kids after school to try and snap a few pictures with a pretty fall scene in the background.


Right away, we had some problems with cooperation. “Please stand over there and smile” was just too much to ask.

IMG_6514   IMG_6520 IMG_6521    IMG_6545

Soon, there were tears because Madelyn wanted to take pictures by the picnic tables NOW, which were by the parking lot. Nowhere near where we currently were. I told her that we would do that on our way back to the car. Apparently, that wasn’t a good enough answer.

IMG_6551 IMG_6552

Thankfully, Dave’s a good sport.


We finally have Madelyn smiling again, which means Asher has to not cooperate.


Just when we have everyone smiling, we turn out blurry and I didn’t notice because Madelyn grabbed the camera and Dave was already heading out toward the lake.


On our last attempt to take a nice picture of just the kids, Asher wasn’t very interested in getting hugged and kissed by Madelyn…

IMG_6640 IMG_6641 IMG_6642

So, his elbow accidentally landed on her nose.


He clearly didn’t care.


As you can see, this was not a stressful experience in the least! We ended up with a couple of OK pictures. Maybe some snow will start to fall in the next few weeks and we can try again soon.  I’d like to think that we’ll get some more cooperation, but I highly doubt it. But then again, maybe my kids will surprise me. I mind as well have low expectations and be pleasantly surprised instead of the other way around, right?

IMG_6515 IMG_6524 IMG_6570 IMG_6622

Fall Perfection

Perfect is the word that describes the kind of day it was.

It started out with me being able to have my coffee uninterrupted!!! Yup, you heard that correctly. Granted only 1 of my 2 children were awake, but still. I knew it would be a good day. My in laws came into town yesterday and they took Dave and our friend, Adam, to the packer game today. So, it was just the kids and I.

After Asher woke up, around 9, and had breakfast, we built a fort in the kids room and put some green goo in their hair for Packer Sunday. As the sun was beating in through the windows, I figured we should go outside and play in the leaves. My goal was to make a leaf pile for the kids in the yard while I used the leaf blower for the rest. I figured I’d be done by lunch. That thought died the minute I started getting their little pile together.


Some breaks for tree climbing was also necessary

20131110-171035.jpg            20131110-171050.jpg

After a short break for lunch, we got back out there and had some leaf fights to interrupt the monotonous leaf blowing.

20131110-171242.jpg               20131110-171307.jpg


If you couldn’t tell, those were aimed right at me. Needless to say, I still have leaves stuck in my hair:)

IMG_2693                       IMG_2705 IMG_2709            IMG_2712 IMG_2715            IMG_2718


We all had a blast! Now onto baths to get the green goo and leaves out of their hair.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday.


Such a beautiful time of year. Every year, I begin to appreciate Fall more. Probably more so after the oppressive heat of summer kept us indoors during most of it.

Sweaters, jeans, boots, browns, apple cider, hot cocoa, chili, soup. Warmth (which reminds me that we should get our chimney swept so that we can have a fire).

I love the sound of leaves crunching underfoot. The crisp air that makes you appreciate the hot coffee mug in your hand. I can’t wait to have my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. If only we had a Starbucks with in 20 miles:(

Today felt like a beautiful Fall day. Running in 60 degree weather. Kids riding their bikes and kicking leaves aside.

I am thrilled to see leaves falling from the trees so early. Although, once all 9 trees shed their leaves, I may be biting my tongue.

Sensitive emotions, Kleenex and runny noses have become a norm this week already. I’m sure Kleenex will be necessary wherever we go until about June next year.

We finally have time to practice our monkey bars, slides and swings now that we won’t burn ourselves when we touch anything at the park.

I have so many plans. So many ideas. Things I want to accomplish during this all to short season. I want to Fall clean. I never got around to Spring cleaning more than 1 room, so now I feel antsy. I want to paint and rip out carpeting. I want to purge so many things. I hope I will have the time for all of this. I already went through all of the kids clothing and a trip to Good Will and the post office is a necessity by Monday. But, this has only roused my need even more. I hope Winter doesn’t settle her claws in too early this year. Because, this right now, is perfect.