Someone touched the elf…

Children say the funniest things and mine sure keep me laughing, which made me decide to put up a new category called “what my kids say”. There are days that I laugh hysterically at what comes out of their mouths and I swear that I will lock it away in my memory vault so that I can remember it always. Yeah….that never ends up working. This seemed like the next best thing.

I came home from work yesterday to this:

Madelyn: Mom, Asher touched Happy (he’s our elf on the shelf)

Me: Oh oh. Now what? What’s this?

(pointing to this)



{Translation: 1)picture of her and Happy. 2) To Happy, I am so so sorry. Asher is sorry for touching you}


Madelyn: That’s the card I made for Happy and here are some crayons in Christmas colors for him to take back to the North Pole since he likes Christmas.

Me: Oh. that sounds really nice. Do you think he will come back tonight since you did such nice things to make up for Asher touching him?

Madelyn: Yes, and I will put some cinnamon around him so that he can feel better, too. (she told Dave that if she gives him cinnamon, he can get fixed up by the ER at the North Pole because it’s like vitamins to get his magic back)

Me: Cinnamon, huh? I didn’t know that. I hope he gets his magic back so that he can tell Santa how good you have been.

Madelyn: Me too.