Leg Hair

The kids made a spa in their bedroom and while my feet are soaking, Madelyn starts this conversation:

Madelyn: mom, you’re legs are sharp!

Me: sorry, Madelyn. I didn’t shave today. Don’t worry Madelyn, one day you’ll have sharp leg hair.

Madelyn: no I won’t! I’m just going to let it grow.

Me: one day you’ll want to have smooth legs.

Madelyn: to attract the boys?

Me: maybe.

Madelyn: so then when I find my boy, I can stop shaving and let the hair grow?

Me: {laughing} you’ve got the right idea, Madelyn.

Too Strong

Asher: mom, me want a drink.

Me: Here’s some milk.

Asher: Me no want milk. Water with squirt.

Me: No more squirt, buddy. Have some milk; you’ll get big and strong.

Asher: No. Me no want to be too strong.

Apparently, Asher doesn’t want to turn into a body builder from this one glass of milk. 😉


As Madelyn and I are driving from store to store trying to find shoes for her graduation the next day, she strikes up this coversation:


Madelyn: Mom, you probably don’t know this, but I like to eat playdoh sometimes.

Me: Oh. Well, that’s kind of gross. But, I don’t think it will hurt you, except give you a tummy ache.

Madelyn: I think it tastes good.

Me: There were kids when I went to school that ate glue.

Madelyn: Ewwww! that’s gross. {thinking} I think I’ll just stick to playdoh, mom.