Golden Four

My sweetest Asher,
I wish I could freeze this moment. I’m worried that if I don’t, you will not be so cuddly tomorrow. Or there won’t be hundreds of kisses adorning my face as you perfectly place each one with a smacking sound while holding my head with you’re small, soft hands.

From three to four, you have changed so much. You are so different from your sister, but when both of your tempers flare, you two are combustible. You are not as easy going as I thought you’d be. You can be defiant and stubborn on a daily basis, just like your momma.

You’re priorities are so different from your sisters. Please forgive me when I compare you two, I try really hard not to. You are concerned with which superhero is going to defeat Vector or Joker instead of what letter you learned in school, let alone how to spell your name. There’s plenty of time for letters when the safety of your imaginary world is at stake.

Everything is exciting to you. During Christmas, you received a movie and the look on your face seemed like Santa gave you a ticket to visit his toy shop. You were beyond excited!

Every morning that you wake, you say “cuddle with me, momma” in your sleepy, raspy voice. My heart grows with each word as you snuggle your warm body against mine and whisper “I love you”. Now, I can’t just simply reply “I love you”. If I do, you will slowly raise your voice and repeat “I love you” until I say “I love you, too”.

You sneak into our bed every night, whispering that you had a bad dream, I pick you up and you settle in-between me and daddy. We rarely get much sleep after your nightly appearance, as you like to assume the letter H with your dad and I on either side while you lay primarily across us; however, I can’t just take you back to your room right away. I love knowing that you still need us to chase the monsters away. Your sister no longer comes in our room at night and soon, you won’t either. So, I’ll hold on as long as I can.

You still can’t stay still for pictures. I’m pretty sure there are at least a thousand little ants in your pants that wake up the second a camera is pointed your way.

You build the best lego towers and when I am at work, you make sure that dad knows to show me that you made them for me. You are a mommy’s boy through and through.

You love fiercely; especially your sister. How else would you endure her dressing you up to play house and her makeup skills?

You, sir, are a goofy boy. A goofy boy that has added an extra beat in my heart. Momma loves you to the moon and back.

IMG_1479 IMG_5557

Happy birthday, sweet boy. 

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