Thirty- five

I have spent thirty-five years on this Earth.

As of tomorrow, I will be closer to forty than I am to thirty.

I’m ok with that.

I have learned more of who I am in my thirties.  I am continuing to learn something new everyday.

I am happier in my own skin.

I am a better person.

I am more content with my life than I was a few years ago.

I’ve heard that this happens in your thirties. This self-awareness or realization that you really knew nothing in your twenties and obviously, even less in your teens.

I’m looking forward to this second half of my thirties.

This year I {we} did so much. We worked on our house.

We visited museums.


We hiked around Civil War battlefields.


We had one of the best vacations in Disney World.

We watched movies together. We spent time with friends. We spent time with our families. Our little family.

I tried so may new thing this year.

But, we also lost 2 important people that have a large place in my heart. I miss them terribly.

They both have taught me things from their life that I will continue to incorporate into my life. Things that make my life fulfilled. A life filled with happiness and no regrets.

I am looking forward for what’s to come in this next year for me and my wonderful little family.

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