Plans for Kitchen Remodel

Plans are underway for our kitchen remodel and I am so excited to get this going and done.

This is our current kitchen:

IMG_0002_2      IMG_0003_2

Clearly, we need a remodel, not just a cabinet resurfacing.

Our plan is to rip out, well, pretty much everything and replace it with “new” cabinets, put in some new appliances, a new counter and backsplash, along with some new odd and ends. We are getting some oak cabinets from family that are only a few years old, but they need some new stain put on them. We want a darker cabinet color like this one that we saw at Home Depot today.


The Bombay Mahogany stain from Minwax is the closest thing I could find to that color and I hope it will turn out similar.


This stain is a poly/stain in one and I’ve been doing some research to find out if we should do a all-in-one stain or a separate stain and polyurethane. I’m leaning toward listening to good ol’ Bob Vila and use the combo one but there are people that say it can be harder to do. I like the way the color looks more in the combo stain than in the individual one. But how am I supposed to know? I’ve never done this before.

My friend Sara from Wild Tree Design is my go to person for color/design and she suggested with our small space to have a lighter countertop, backlash and wall color. She sent me this link from Pinterest that I love:


I love the subway looking tile and I found a couple of options that I like (both on the right side of the picture).

IMG_0008_2   IMG_0007_2

I think that we will end up going with the smaller tiles in the picture on the right along with this wall color (Behr- Creamy White):


The samples on the left of the paint sample are countertops. I like the bottom one best because it has flecks of mahogany in it and I think that it would bring out the cabinets more.

We currently have a pull up to the sink dishwasher. It is super annoying to get the dishes done. Dave has almost flooded the kitchen when the drain got plugged, so now we make sure we are awake and home to monitor it all. I hate it. So, I can’t wait to get a new dishwasher installed! Along with that, we will get an above the range microwave, sink and faucet. Here’s a sink I saw at Home Depot today that I love, but I think we might get one smaller than the 33inches that it is. But we will see.


Because these are hand-me-down cabinets, we are adjusting things to the make everything look symmetrical. For example, we have a window that’s above the sink but the cabinet that the sink will sit in will end up being a little off center. My thought is to get this double sink with a smaller and larger bowl to give the illusion of symmetry. I’m hopeful that it will work, but if not, it would only be a couple of inches away from the center of the window and shouldn’t be a big issue.

Now, all that we are left with is flooring. We may have some flooring left over from a family members remodel, but if not, or if it doesn’t work with the style of the kitchen we are going with, we will get something different than our current flooring. I’m just not sure exactly about the color, etc.

Once the weather is warm enough and dry enough, we can start staining the cabinets in Dave’s aunt and uncles garage. As soon as that gets done, we can gauge when the kitchen will be done. Like I said before, I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

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