We were so excited that you came around. Excited by all the things Asher will learn now that you’ve arrived. All of the developmental skills that are more within his grasp than when two came around.

But, I must say, you’ve shocked us yet again. I was expecting some pushback since I’ve seen what three did to Madelyn, but that was already over 3 years ago and I’ve clearly forgotten the rules that you play by.

It sure didn’t happen when you officially came to town on his birthday. No. You crept inside like a pesky insect and laid your eggs inside all while showing off your good side and awaiting the precise time to strike and surprise us all. For instance, home was not ideal. A grocery store or restaurant where there were plenty of other people to see you in action was usually the perfect place to make us feel like inept parents.

This past week, you felt a crowded museum with plenty of hands-on things to do was perfect to show your face. You turned my son into someone I didn’t know. He screamed right in my face and I had to hold his legs down as I carried him to the car so that I wouldn’t get kicked. Unfortunately for you, I didn’t get the gawkers who thought “tsk, tsk, what a lousy parent”. Instead, you got no attention at all! Round number 549 goes to me!!!

I’ve learned distraction brings out the best in you. Time-outs can bring out the worst in you for a short period until you’ve understood that I will not give in. There will be no hitting, punching, yelling, kicking, etc when you don’t get your way. Even if Madelyn comes over and says “he’s only a baby”. I understand you want to do it on your own, but you can not cut the fruit with a knife yet. But, I will let you help and the waffles are all you as you put them in the toaster.

You can be such a defiant little thing, three.

But I will take it all. The exhaustion and sweat; the defeat and feeling of inadequacy; because I love the sweet side you bring out in Asher. The endless amount of kisses all over my face. The struggles at bedtime, but how can I say no to “momma, cuddle one more time”. The shear joy you show when you learn something new and how funny you think your jokes are.

I shall take it all. The good with the bad that is three. But I truly can’t wait until four shows up.




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