Speech Graduate

He’s all done.

No more speech class with his therapist. The week he turned 3 was the final session that he had, if you could even call it that. It was really more of a final paperwork signing session and Asher got to play with a few toys. He already had his screening for the school district and he didn’t qualify for further speech help. We figured as much. He’s improved so much over the last 18 months that we both felt that we were fine with him not qualifying. He was tested and passed. We were in agreement.

Then we got put in the middle by Asher’s birth to 3 speech teacher and we felt like bad parents for not pushing for our child to qualify through the school district. Fabulous. Apparently, Asher should be talking in paragraphs. Paragraphs, really? Sure, Madelyn spoke in paragraphs. She probably spoke in novels. She still does! But Asher is subdued. He’s more laid back, go with the flow. He’s the I-don’t-need-to-talk-because-my-sister-will-do-all-the-talking-for-me kinda kid. He gets his point across and we can understand what he’s saying 50-75% of the time. Probably more closer to 75%. Can other people understand him? I don’t know. Sure…..???  That’s hard to gauge when we don’t see a lot of different people. Especially, when we have been cooped up in our house for the last few months.

So, now what? Do we push for another test? He passed with almost flying colors. There’s a few words he needed help with but overall, he did great. He even paid attention for at least 20 minutes before he got the wiggles and kept climbing out of his chair. I hate this inner conflict. Who do I listen to? Do we go with our gut that says he’s doing fine and once he’s with other kids, he’ll pick things up easily? Or do we listen to 1 of the speech teachers, since both are in disagreement? 

We ended up having another meeting with the school speech therapist to go over the test results. She helped relieve our fears. Since he would be starting preschool in the Fall, she would check in with him and see how he’s doing. If he doesn’t make improvements over the summer, she would re-test him. Sounds good. I felt better. I think we both did.

We decided that if we could get him involved with other kids his age, he would begin to talk more and maybe even in paragraphs:) But I’m not holding out any high hopes. I still think he’s doing a great job.

After finding out that there wasn’t a 2-year-old preschool for him to go to in town, I decided to email a 3-year-old preschool in town (it’s where Madelyn had 4K and we loved the teachers there) to find out about Fall registration. They told us that we didn’t have to wait until the Fall if we didn’t want to because they had room to take him now since he already turned 3! Yay! Now I feel even better about Asher not qualifying for school speech. He gets to go to school 2 days a week for 2 1/4 hours each day. I’m so very excited for him to make some friends and to learn even more.

I’ll make sure to post some preschool pictures of him. Hopefully he won’t be crying in them:)

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