Snow Running

Today, I had my first experience running in the snow (thanks to the 2 inches of snow that fell overnight). I wasn’t too keen on running on slippery sidewalks that would be half shoveled with 20mph winds hitting my face, but I just bought some new cold running gear. I really had no excuse to not go running.

I only ended up running 1.5 miles because my hands and face were freezing, but it was a good run. I was pleased that my new pants and shirt kept me warm, too. I had quite a few layers on though. On top, I wore my cold gear Under Armor base shirt, a Gap running jacket and Dave’s Columbia rain jacket (to keep the wind out). I just wore my cold gear Under Armor pants, which kept my legs really warm. I also wore an Under Armor hat since the one I bought from Target kept slipping off my ears. Even though my run got cut short because my hands were cold, I was wearing gloves. Apparently, the Champion gloves were far from cold weather gloves and I’ll either have to double up on gloves or purchase new ones. I haven’t decided which to do yet.

Tomorrow will be another chilly day, but I will try and go out for a short run before I head into work tomorrow night. Hopefully, all of the sidewalks will be shoveled and I won’t be so worried about breaking my neck during the run!

Have a great night!

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