Fall Perfection

Perfect is the word that describes the kind of day it was.

It started out with me being able to have my coffee uninterrupted!!! Yup, you heard that correctly. Granted only 1 of my 2 children were awake, but still. I knew it would be a good day. My in laws came into town yesterday and they took Dave and our friend, Adam, to the packer game today. So, it was just the kids and I.

After Asher woke up, around 9, and had breakfast, we built a fort in the kids room and put some green goo in their hair for Packer Sunday. As the sun was beating in through the windows, I figured we should go outside and play in the leaves. My goal was to make a leaf pile for the kids in the yard while I used the leaf blower for the rest. I figured I’d be done by lunch. That thought died the minute I started getting their little pile together.


Some breaks for tree climbing was also necessary

20131110-171035.jpg            20131110-171050.jpg

After a short break for lunch, we got back out there and had some leaf fights to interrupt the monotonous leaf blowing.

20131110-171242.jpg               20131110-171307.jpg


If you couldn’t tell, those were aimed right at me. Needless to say, I still have leaves stuck in my hair:)

IMG_2693                       IMG_2705 IMG_2709            IMG_2712 IMG_2715            IMG_2718


We all had a blast! Now onto baths to get the green goo and leaves out of their hair.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday.

One thought on “Fall Perfection

  1. You’re such a good mommy! I used to love it when my Mom would play in the leaves with me. Those are memories that Asher & Madelyn will cherish forever! Glad you three had a nice day, despite the Packer loss. 😉

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