How has it been this long already?

How have you gone from a newborn being put on my belly, to an independent girl who thinks she is 16? I love watching you grow, even though a piece of me aches that you need a little bit less of me each day.

You are starting to read. You can make quite a few meals all by yourself, and you insist on it. You have a style all your own.  You make us think and catch us off guard with your questions. You can be very stubborn, quick to be frustrated, and emotional. But, you love with your whole heart. And I love you, immensely.

Happy Birthday, my sweetest Madelyn. Even though you didn’t feel so great today, I know you loved celebrating with so many of our friends and family.

Herding cattle during trick-or-treating.

Clearly, everyone needed their noses in the bucket.

Madelyn’s witch cake that she picked out. Thank heavens for google images!

Love you little lady!

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