Grandparent’s Day

Sorry to all of Madelyn’s and Asher’s grandparents, as well as to our own. I don’t know why we can’t seem to keep important days straight. I blame Dave. If it wasn’t for me writing holidays and birthdays (including mine), he would forget them. He claims that he got it from his dad, and since it’s genetics, there’s nothing he can do about it. 🙂 So, I’ll let him off the hook… this year.

However, I will blame Google for not putting it in my calendar when I clearly clicked on the check box that would include all US holidays. Apparently, Grandparent’s Day is not considered a holiday. I’m not sure how to rectify this besides saying I’m sorry and we all truly appreciate all that you do for our kids. Grandparents and great-grandparents alike. It’s been a tough year, to say the least, but you all have tried to help us through it by offering to help with the kids. It means a lot.

My greatest memory of my grandparents is with my babcia (grandma) Julie. Babcia would drop whatever she was doing if we wanted her to come over. She would play with us and tell us amazing and very animated bedtime stories. We would spend weekends with her in her little apartment often; trying on her dress shoes and stomping around her floors until the downstairs neighbor would call her and ask her to stop the racket. There are so many fabulous memories, most of which she no longer recalls. She doesn’t even recognize us anymore, which is heartbreaking and it makes it difficult to visit, although I know I should. I know her time is near. She’s been telling us for about 20 years that it is coming and that she is ready when ever God is willing to take her. Although she will never read this, I know she knows how much we appreciated her and all that she did for us.

I wish I could put a picture up of her but this blog is slightly messed up and I’m waiting for them to fix it. But I have a great one from my wedding that I will put up when this is working again.

Thanks to my in-laws, Therese and Don, for Skyping, calling often, and spending as much time as possible with the kids when we see each other. They love sharing their new stories with you and goofing off whenever we Skype, as you know all too well.

Thanks to Caren for wanting to still be present in my kids lives as well as ours. I can’t imagine the ache that your heart feels, but I hope that Madelyn’s and Asher’s smiley faces help ease the pain, as I know that they have helped with ours. They love you so very much and they think of you as their grandma.

As badly as I want my father-in-law, Nate, to be here and share all of the kids’ experiences, I know that he can’t. I want to believe that he is still seeing it all and keeping them safe for us. We love you and miss you immensely.

Thanks to my mom, Teresa, who calls often to see how the kids are doing. They love coming over to “babcia’s house” and picking veggies out of the garden and playing with you.

Thanks to Madelyn’s and Asher’s great-grandparents, Don and Mary, as well as Bill and Rose. They love spending time with you all and each moment that they have with you is very precious to me and Dave.

We love you all so very much!!!!

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