And so it begins. Another step of my little girl growing up and making decisions on her own.

Today was bittersweet. She needs school. Five day a week, all day school. She’s one that craves knowledge. She’d rather do science experiments than play barbies. Give her a handful of paper, and she will write you a story sounding out each word so that she can try and spell it correctly instead of drawing a pictures. She’s loves to learn new things, but she also loves to teach. Asher is an eager pupil… for about 10-15 minutes, anyway. He will miss her soon. But today he is relishing in some alone time with mom and dad.

But, a part of me doesn’t want to let her go. I want to protect her if and when someone says something mean to her. What if the teachers don’t notice what was said or done. Could she stand up for herself? Would she just walk away and ignore it? Would she try and resolve the problem? Did I teach her enough? Did I show her how to handle difficult situations? Because to be quite honest, I may have told her, but did my actions show her too? In my sleep deprived state, did I resolve conflicts within our own family correctly? I’d like to say yes, but did I? It isn’t until you see yourself (your worst qualities) come out in your children that you notice the impact of your actions when you think they are not paying attention. Because only your actions solidify the words that you try and teach them: be nice to others, treat others like you’d like to be treated, show respect, don’t interrupt unless its an emergency, help others, pay attention, work hard, and many more. I can only hope that she has seen these traits in me and Dave. That we’ve instilled in her these attributes so that she can handle it when another child is mean to her or if she sees someone sad and playing alone. I hope that if she has a sad day at school and is feeling left out, that she will be shown the same friendliness that she would show others.

I long to pick her up from school already. I love that we are a short walk away. I treasure those walks with her. We have had some of our best conversations when it’s just the two of us… walking. She’s asked me where babies come from, and why boys stand up to pee. She’s also asked me why dad has a “mom and dad in Colorado and a dad and Caren here”. I love her inquisitiveness. I love that she stops and thinks for a bit before asking another question. Making sure that she understands all that I am telling her.

And now it’s time. Time to walk over and pick her up and hear about all that she learned and what she did today. I can’t wait!

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