Happy Birthday, Babe!

Happy 35th birthday love.

I have to work tonight, so Dave didn’t get the birthday day off that I hoped he would have. I planned on getting up early and making him breakfast in bed, but he wouldn’t let me get up and not have enough sleep for work. Madelyn was very disappointed when she woke up and Dave ushered her away from me so that I could sleep. She turned into a little party planner yesterday and this was one of her plans that failed. So, I promised that we would do birthday-breakfast-in-bed for Dave on Saturday instead.

Along with breakfast in bed, Madelyn planned on streamers, balloon animals and a pinata for the birthday party that she was throwing him. We couldn’t find a pinata like she hoped and like I secretly hoped we wouldn’t have (the last thing that these kids need is more candy and/or little annoying, always seem to step on them, toys). But we found a photo booth set up instead. I couldn’t wait to set it up and take pictures. Madelyn also found a superman balloon she wanted to buy him. I couldn’t say no when she said “Dad should have this balloon because he is just like a superhero.” I just love this girl to death. I think that quote alone is a great birthday present for Dave. It’ll melt his heart. So we decided to go with blue and red streamers for a superman hero theme.

As Dave got out of the house for a while, the kids and I eventually baked a cake after lots of cocoa, sugar and flour on the floor. Asher even decided to take a big chunk of cake out while it was cooling.

We decorated the house with streamers and signs,

and set up the birthday photo booth.

I made him a special dinner

and off I went to work. I hope the kids go to bed easily for him and that they give him extra snuggles tonight.

Happy birthday, babe. I hope this next year will be better than the last one and we finally get out of this house! I love you and I can’t wait to spend many more birthdays with you.

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