Childhood Apraxia of Speech

That’s apparently what Asher has been diagnosed with. According to the NIH, it means “a speech disorder in which a person has trouble saying what he or she wants to say correctly and consistently”.  The NIH also says that ” Developmental apraxia of speech (DAS) occurs in children and is present from birth. It appears to affect more boys than girls.”

So, here we are. A diagnosis. We’ve also read that 75% of children diagnosed before the age of 3 are misdiagnosed though. Even if Asher does fall into that 75%, he know he still needs some help with his speech. He’s been putting together 2 words more readily and we can understand most of what he is saying. But, there are still times that he gets frustrated and reverts back to just grunting and pointing. We are still keeping with Speech therapy every other week until he is essentially kicked out of the program at age 3. Asher’s speech therapist, Sue, wanted him to do every week therapy but instead she is going to give us speech exercises to do with him. We figured we’d try this approach and if he excels more with Sue, we’ll go to every week.

But my little man is doing great. This week, he learned how to say his name. The “er” part was hard for him and Madelyn is actually a great little teacher and has been helping him figure out how to say it. He has said “Madelyn” for me once, but usually he just says “Maddie”. Or when he’s really excited, it all comes out a jumbled up mess!

It’s great to see his progress and how much he is eager to learn. His bedtimes are getting more difficult, however. He used to just may his sweet little head down on my shoulder as I sung him a lullaby. But, now he likes to help me sing “Twinkle, Twinkle” or “Braham’s Lullaby”. Then he requests just one more hug, Eskimo kiss, then a regular kiss (all in that order) about 10 times before I finally say that’s enough.

My sweet little boy

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