1 day remodel turned 6 day remodel

A 1 day project ended up turning into 6 day project. Granted, we took breaks to enjoy the weather and do some much needed lawn work. This year, we may end up mowing more grass than weeds! And the kids were with us which means there was lots of “mom, I need….” and “mom, Asher punched me” and insert crying at least once a day. Basically, there were lots of interruptions.

But on to the bathroom remodel….

Our plan was to change out the bath tub fixtures, sink fixtures, lighting, mirror, and flooring. We did all that and some accessory changes to brighten up the room.

First, we thought we’d change out the bathtub fixtures. We bought Moen fixtures and I couldn’t wait to update the look of the tub. Unfortunately, the previous owners decided to solder the pipes and since we have no soldering equipment, let alone knew anything about it, we were defeated. At least, I felt like I was defeated. I tried and tried to find a way to get our new fixtures on there without switching out the pipes but alas, after a few hours of trying, a trip to Menards was in order to buy replacement fixtures that would fit the current pipes. Two trips later, we were able to finish switching out the fixtures…. finally! After Dave switched out the sink fixtures, which required the pedestal sink to be taken apart, day 1 was over.


Day 2 was removing the caulk and putting in the new floor (I was up until 1am putting that darn floor in).


We also put in new lighting. The old 1940’s bad lighting had to go!!!! Such an improvement.


Then, we tried to take out the medicine cabinet. That required some wall tiles to be removed and we didn’t have the right tools and Menards was already closed so that had to wait until the next day. Eventually, we removed the medicine cabinet and we started working on a mirror. We couldn’t find a replacement one that would fit because the shape was rectangular so we decided to patch the hole and make a mirror (since some of these mirrors that would fit cost about $200!). I bought a mirror that was $15 and also some crown molding to go around it (which was less than $10). Making the mirror took a couple of days because of trips to Menards and waiting for the liquid nails to dry. But it finally all got done.

I changed out the shower curtain and we changed out the blinds to roman shades.

I’m really happy with the change and I think the room looks so much brighter. Although I would have loved to remove those hideous dark green tiles that surround the room, it would have been too much work and we decided against it. There’s still some things that I’d like to do like change out the knobs on the cabinet over the toilet, change the door hinges, and repaint the door. But, for the most part, we are done with it all.

It was frustrating but we learned a lot about things like removing tiles and patching holes, which I’m sure will come in handy as the kids get older 😉

Now, on to the master bedroom where we will be repainting, putting in new carpeting and new window shades, an decluttering it all. I’m hoping that we can continue working on this house so that we can get it back on the market sometime in the early summer. Although, I wouldn’t mind if Madelyn goes to school down the street for a short time, I’d much rather get her out of the toddler bed and into a regular sized bed, which will not fit in her room that she shares with Asher. A new, bigger house is a must!

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