Asher and Speech

Yesterday we had a meeting with Asher’s Speech teacher and case worker for a review of his goals since it has been 6 months since he started Speech Therapy. In 6 months he has come a long way! He went from saying “mama” to saying all sorts of words. Granted, most animals go “moo. moo”, but he’ll figure that out with more practice:) Generally, he learns  at least one new word every day. He also has been trying to sat two words together, like “thank you” and “big bear”. He’s getting there and I’m so proud of how much he’s accomplished in such a short amount of time.

In a couple of weeks, his therapist wants to test him. For what? I don’t know. She was fairly vague about what this test would uncover but she says that she already knows the answer to it and in a way, it will label him. I’m not quite sure what that means since I think he’s doing great. She also mentioned how he gets very focused on a task and likes to fix things. Madelyn was the same way.  I’m just not sure what she’s eluding to.

Although he is still a little behind, he’s picking things up quickly. Also, she wants to go from every other week to every week now. A more intensive therapy. But she said that she won’t do that until she tests him. Hmmm. I’m so confused. Here I think he’s doing great and now he will be labeled. Maybe it’s because when he turns 3, he gets kicked out of the program since it’s only birth to 3 and a weekly treatment may get him to where he needs to be by then. I guess I should have inquired a bit more. I hate when I think of things after the fact.

So, we wait. We wait for this “test”. We wait for what it will show. We wait. I hate to wait.

Until then, we will continue to nuture his growth and try to get him to understand that piggies say “Oink” and not “moo” 🙂

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