Happy Birthday Asher!

Here we are… 2.

Another year filled with challenges and triumphs.

Frustrations and happiness.

My little man has changed my life in so many ways. The older he gets, the more I see Dave in him. He is definitely an introvert. He needs to evaluate the situation before he’s willing to get involved. But once he warms up, he will play for hours. This weekend, Adam came over for his birthday party and Saturday morning when he saw Adam, he stopped moving and chewing his food. He sat deathly still averting his eyes from Adam’s view in hopes that Adam didn’t see him. After a few minutes of this, he began tapping his fingers on the table, impatiently. Once Adam left the room, Asher continued eating again. A few minutes later, Adam walked up to him again and he was all better. Such a funny man.

Madelyn has shortened his name to Ash from time to time. It’s so cute listening to them play.

He’s more sassy now. Yelling back when he’s displeased with a decision that we’ve made. But he is devastated if we are angry with him. Poor little lamb. He knows how to pull at your heart strings with his pouty, trembling mouth and puppy dog eyes.

His little voice is coming out more. He is at least willing to try to say certain words. He says “hi”, “bye”, “mommy”, “daddy”, “baby”, and “bubbles”, for instance, on a regular basis. Now we’re trying to get him to combine 2 words, which is more of a struggle for him. But, he’ll get it.

Saturday, we celebrated his birthday. He had so much fun playing with his family and friends. He couldn’t wait for his birthday cake though. Mainly because he wanted to blow out those candles. We could barely get the words “happy birthday” out before he was already blowing them out. So, I would relight them. A few singed hairs later, we got through the song and he blew out 2 candles.

And as usual, he’s willing to share his cake with anyone he sees.

My little peanut. You came into my life and stole my heart. I love how you still love to cuddle and how you still fit perfectly in the crook of my neck as I rock you to sleep with lullabies floating through the air. I know this next year, you will grow and learn even more fascinating things. I hope snuggles are still going to be a part of our routine. My life always feels fuller after a long snuggle with both of my little monkeys in my arms.

Happy Birthday Ash!

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