And she’s five.

She’s my sweet, honest, eager learner, great teacher, fabulous sister, lovable, smart, kind, independent, sassy, stubborn, hot-tempered daughter.

She is all me and a little Dave. She has his “look”. The look she gives when she isn’t happy with your decision. The look when she knows that we are teasing. The “look”.

She can change her mood in an instant. The teenage years are going to be terrible. Her emotions can overwhelm her at times and it’s hard for her to get control back. But her heart is huge and she has so much love to give. She would do anything for Asher. I thought there would be a lot more arguing, but her patience with him is more than I imagined she’d have.

As we snuggled in bed tonight before she fell asleep, I told her about how I swaddled her as a baby and how sweet she smelt. How she loved to snuggle up against my neck to sleep. She’s still a cuddler. I love that. I hope it never changes, but I know it will.

She told me she had a great birthday. I’m so thrilled. I hope every birthday that she has gets better and better.

Here’s her day:

She dressed up as a spooky princess. I wish I would have taken a picture with her long wig and before most of her makeup was smudged off.

The candles were sparking…She was worried.

She realized that the candles would re-light 🙂

So, Asher thought he’d help out.

Happy birthday, my sweet Madelyn. Thanks to all of our friends and family for sharing in her day!

2 thoughts on “5

    • Us too! Madelyn talked about Gus and Evelyn all week. But she understood when I told her that Andria had a baby in her belly and that you were working. Next time!

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