2 weeks of vacation.

Sounds great, right? I was torn. Yes, it will be great to have 2 weeks of doing whatever we want and not have to worry about things back home. We get to see family and fantastic scenery. But in order to get to Colorado, we had to endure a 15 hour DRIVE with 2 children. That’s where I was torn. Dave and I dreaded it. Would it be like last time where it took about 20 hours to get there due to making stops every 2 hours because of nursing or leg cramps? We were both scared. It’s the kind of fear that resembles when you are scared to fall asleep because the second you do, a screaming child will wake you out of your almost slumber. The unknown. But thankfully, it went well. Portable DVD players are a godsend. The kids didn’t get much sleep and the first few days in CO they were a bit on the cranky side, but I’ll take that over a 20+ hour car ride.

Within minutes of driving into CO, it was snowing. I thought I was seeing things, but as the flakes got bigger, I couldn’t wait for everyone to wake up to see. There’s just something about seeing snow for the first time in the season. It’s always exciting.

The following day, we headed up to Breckenridge for a family reunion.

9700 feet above sea level. What a difference it makes. We were there until Wednesday afternoon, but it took us until Tuesday to¬†acclimate to the altitude. Madelyn would cry because of headaches and Asher was cranky, throwing himself on the ground, desperately trying to cling to anyone that would hold him. Needless to say, we didn’t get to venture out too much. But, when we did, it was beautiful. I think Breckenridge is the most beautiful town I’ve ever seen.

While we stayed in, we played games. Here I am planning my next move against the undefeated Madelyn..

We went ice skating…

Asher did make it on the ice, but we weren’t able to catch any pictures and he refused to put his cute little skates on again.

We star gazed at night with hot cocoa. Madelyn saw the “big pasta spoon”, also known as the big dipper. The amount of stars that we could see was amazing!

On our way out of town, we took the kids on a “short and easy” 3.5 mile hike to Lily Pad lake. I don’t know what we were thinking. About 75% of the time, Asher was carried and 50% of the time Madelyn was.

We didn’t see any moose:(

After a (what seemed like forever) 1.7 mile hike to Lily Pad Lake… there are no lily pads. But, I bet they’re beautiful in the Spring.

Trying to corral the kids for a picture

I’m glad we did it.

This has gone on long enough, I suppose. Next time, I’ll share pictures of Dave’s fly fishing trip and of our last week in CO. Tomorrow, we head out to Estes Park and we’re staying at the Stanley Hotel. Hopefully, we see some ghosts!!!

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