Such a beautiful time of year. Every year, I begin to appreciate Fall more. Probably more so after the oppressive heat of summer kept us indoors during most of it.

Sweaters, jeans, boots, browns, apple cider, hot cocoa, chili, soup. Warmth (which reminds me that we should get our chimney swept so that we can have a fire).

I love the sound of leaves crunching underfoot. The crisp air that makes you appreciate the hot coffee mug in your hand. I can’t wait to have my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. If only we had a Starbucks with in 20 miles:(

Today felt like a beautiful Fall day. Running in 60 degree weather. Kids riding their bikes and kicking leaves aside.

I am thrilled to see leaves falling from the trees so early. Although, once all 9 trees shed their leaves, I may be biting my tongue.

Sensitive emotions, Kleenex and runny noses have become a norm this week already. I’m sure Kleenex will be necessary wherever we go until about June next year.

We finally have time to practice our monkey bars, slides and swings now that we won’t burn ourselves when we touch anything at the park.

I have so many plans. So many ideas. Things I want to accomplish during this all to short season. I want to Fall clean. I never got around to Spring cleaning more than 1 room, so now I feel antsy. I want to paint and rip out carpeting. I want to purge so many things. I hope I will have the time for all of this. I already went through all of the kids clothing and a trip to Good Will and the post office is a necessity by Monday. But, this has only roused my need even more. I hope Winter doesn’t settle her claws in too early this year. Because, this right now, is perfect.

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