Too Strong

Asher: mom, me want a drink.

Me: Here’s some milk.

Asher: Me no want milk. Water with squirt.

Me: No more squirt, buddy. Have some milk; you’ll get big and strong.

Asher: No. Me no want to be too strong.

Apparently, Asher doesn’t want to turn into a body builder from this one glass of milk. ;)

Door Makeover

It’s been a busy weekend at our household. I have this 5 page list of things that I want to get done before we sell this house {at least we hope to sell it}. We’ve done a lot to the house over the past year and half and now it’s just some little odds and ends that unfortunately, take up more than just a few minutes to finish.

This weekend, I wanted to get our front and back doors painted. After talking with my friend, Sara, I bought the Big Top color by Dutch Boy for the outside color and I planned on leaving the inside white for the front door and the current stain on the back door.

Here’s what I was working with: {back door & front door}

IMG_0003 IMG_0001

I don’t know how we made it as long as we did with these hideous doors. Granted, we sanded these down, but they needed some work. I’m guessing, as is with the rest of the house, the doors are original. If you look close, there is a spot where the skeleton key would go. There a plate that goes over that now, which Dave spray painted it to match our new hardware.

We first primed the doors and I got the kiddos to give me a hand.

IMG_0002 IMG_0004

The primer dries pretty quickly, so I was able to get my first coat of orange on my doors.


I was still able to see the green peeking through, so I knew another coat will be in order.

As I was putting the second coat on, I remembered why I didn’t ever want to paint a color in the red family. It takes a million and one coats for it to look good. But alas, I already started and I really liked the way it was turning out. Second coat on…


Still having some green coming through. I figured one more coat will do. Mind you, I was running back and forth between the front and back door painting each coat on. When the doors weren’t dry enough to put a coat on, I started painting the back of the front door white. Third coat on…


Did you noticed that it’s dark out now? I started this at 10am! By midnight, we felt the doors were dry enough to put on our new locks and hardware to match.

The next day, I started taping up the back door windows so that I can frost them. I bought a can of frost in the spray paint area at Menards and my plan was to frost the majority of the window but to leave some unfrosted so that some sun can come in.

Here’s the back door:


{Ignore that screen door, It’ll be replaced by the weekend:)}

IMG_0010 IMG_0011

As you can see by the third picture, you can see out the window still, but not too much. I taped each window pane with 1/2in painters tape and then I sprayed 3 layers of frost on each pane to get this look.

I tested out this frost method on the back door first because I wanted to make sure I had enough privacy if I had this look on the front door. But, I felt like it was too much open window for the front door since there are 9 window panes.

I opted to just outline around all 9 of the window panes instead of doing each one individually. I also put 3 layers of frost on each pane.

Here it is….

IMG_0012 IMG_5362

Here’s how our front entrance look like with our wrought iron patio:


I plan on putting some sort of welcome sign out front, but I haven’t located the right one yet. Not too bad for a weekend:)

Grandpa Dix

Perhaps it’s fitting that the rain started shortly after you left us, grandpa. Maybe dad turned the rain on for you knowing we would miss you. But then again, if it was him, he probably would’ve made it snow to really throw us for a loop! Although I didn’t know it at the time, I had a feeling that you were gone before I finally fell asleep at 4am.

I was right.

As I laid down Tuesday night, following a dose of NyQuil to chase away this wretched cold, my mind was flooded with memories of you. Even NyQuil couldn’t cloud over those wonderful thoughts.

Memories of the first time we met, which was the first time I met Dave’s dad, brother, sister and, of course, grandma. You all were so kind and willing to allow me into your loving family with open arms right from the start.

Memories of the time you helped us move. Here you were in your 70′s and you came over with dad to give us a hand.

Memories of dancing with you at my wedding. I can only hope Dave and I have the wonderful marriage that you and grandma had. One where you don’t forget about each other even after raising 6 kids. You can feel how much love is in this family- that’s because of you and grandma.

There were numerous memories from Midnight Magic parties and Christmases. Who could forget your big anniversary party at The Voyageur {it was the perfect place where no one cared that there were streamers and signs hanging from the hallway ceilings. Or that everyone was as loud as can be. After all, you can hear Scott a mile away:)}.

You and grandma always asked how my family and Dave’s mom were doing. Always interested in what we were up to and how Dave liked his job or staying at home with the kids. It may not seem like much but when there are many grandkids and great-grandkids, it’s a lot to remember.

I’m so glad that we saw you last weekend, grandpa. We had such a good time. The kids ran around like their crazy selves and Asher kept bringing rocks to grandma or showing you how he blows bubbles. The kids loved that you shared your ice cream with them {Madelyn said it was the best she’s ever had} and in return, Asher shared your goldfish with you. 

IMG_0008 IMG_0009

We are so grateful to have known you; to have had you in our lives. I know dad was waiting for you…hopefully with a drink in hand. Give him a hug from us.

Grandpa, you will be missed forever and loved always.